Exploring the idea of North

We were exploring the idea of North, musically, when we programmed this show. Since then, both performers have travelled elsewhere, but they still offer compelling music and imagery, and we anticipate an exciting evening of music from both Kevin Closs and Flying Hórses.

Sudbury-based singer-songwriter Kevin Closs has followed his musical mentor Ian Tamblyn to Earth’s frigid zones and discovered his muse.

Kevin has just begun recording new music composed while working for G Adventures, a Canadian adventure tourism operator. For the last three years Kevin has worked as a guide and onboard musician for the company. He has spent two seasons in Svalbard and just returned from seven weeks visiting the Antarctic peninsula.

Recently he wrote a powerful new environmental ballad while sailing with the cruise ship, M/S Expedition. (He recorded it in the hold, uploaded it to Soundcloud, and had it in our hands in less than 24 hours — how’s that for hi-tech? — ED.)

Upon returning from his travels Kevin began work on his 12th independent album with the support of the Ontario Arts Council. The first single, “A Blue Whale’s Lament”, has just been released internationally and has already resonated deeply with those who have heard it.

Kevin also took incredible photos while both North and South — and in a first for Folkus, we will be having visual as well as audio in the show.

This won’t be like your grandpa’s slideshow: we promise there won’t be any thumbs. 

Flying Hórses is the stage name for Jade Bergeron, an ambitious nouveau classical composer.

She went to Iceland to work on her last album, Tölt, with Sigur Rós’ producer, Biggi Birgisson, at Sundlaugin Studio in Iceland. She recently completed a residency at the Banff Centre, and has spent time in Almonte getting close to the Steinway Grand in the Almonte Old Town Hall. She will be giving the Steinway a thorough workout!.

Here is Flying Hórses’ amazing video, also entitled Tölt, which was nominated for the Prism Prize, in the company of Leonard Cohen, Drake, and Feist.

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