Supporting musicians during the pandemic

We’re all missing the pleasures of live music in our fabulous town hall, and we’re keen to return to what makes Folkus Concert Series tick. In the meantime, as we head into spring after a year of pandemic-living, we want to share the ways in which some of our team members have been supporting musicians.

Read on to meet some of the women behind Folkus and hear how they are supporting music during this time…

Sandy Irvin, Board Member & Artistic Director

“I have been adding to my collection of Canadian vinyl.

“Here are two albums with local connections — Area Resident & The Golden Seals are both local guys who do their day jobs under other names. Do you know them?”

Kathryn Stevens

Kathryn Stevens, Board Member & Sponsorship

“I am reading the songlist on the back of Lynn Miles’ latest CD – which I bought at a wonderful concert held in James Keeleghan’s backyard in Perth last September. It was Lynne’s first gig since March and what a treat it was to hear her beautiful voice and lyrics, and the guitar of Keith Glass accompanying her. We were starved for live music after 7 months of the pandemic, but we left feeling filled up!”

Julie Mercier, Board Member & Tickets / Front of House

“I am Julie, (on the photo you will find me under the arrow)…One of the ways I have been supporting musical artists is by supporting local artist Jennifer Noxon and participating in her Rhythm & Song Choir from her home to each of ours through Zoom. I cannot wait to be able to sing all together again and to be gathered for a concert under the same roof. Be safe, and take care of yourself and your soul. Join an online choir!!!”

Kerron Lamb

Kerron Lamb, Board Member and Hospitality Manager

“This past year has been a difficult one for lovers of live music (and for the musicians we would have been going to see) but we set up a turntable and vintage sound system in our living room, and have been actively increasing our collection of vinyl, both old and new! Here are some favourites by Canadians we love to see in concert (Whitehorse, City and Colour, and The Arkells), so in the meantime, we’ll enjoy their music like this until we can see them in person again!”

Monika Seiler

Monika Seiler, Board Member & Social Media / Marketing

“I’ve been curating playlists on Spotify featuring all of my favourite Canadian artists during this pandemic, highlighting someone from each province or territory.

“I like to “travel” the country via its amazing musicians…”

Dagne Forrest

Dagne Forrest, Board Member and Webmaster

“One of the ways that my husband and I have supported musicians in recent months is to regularly purchase vinyl versions of their music.

A favourite on regular repeat is William Prince.”

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