Folkus Tickets

Season passes go on sale Nov 2nd. To receive your passes in time for Christmas, please place your order by December 12th (Canada Post recommends this cut-off to be sure you receive your tickets by December 21st).


Season Passes: Starting in early November each season, you will be able to purchase a Folkus Season Pass. Our passes make great gifts (just look at the gorgeous passes from 2019 above)!

Individual tickets: January 1st is when we release individual tickets for sale.

Purchase tickets online or in person at Mill Street Books in Almonte.

Series Pass: $90
Adult Ticket: $30
Student Ticket: $15

For online ticket sales, we use Eventbrite. Watch our Buy Tickets page starting early November each year (please note this page is empty the rest of the time as it’s only programmed to display tickets currently for sale).

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