Folkus Comes back for a new season of hope

We’re so excited to announce a full line up for the 2022 season, January through April. Please read on for the highlights.

It’s been a minute, as the kids say. After shutting down partway through our 2020 season and missing a full year, it’s been over 600 days since Folkus held a concert or even a sound check indoors. We miss you, and we miss having live concerts. With the recent provincial announcement about concert venues, it looks as though we can indeed hold a series this winter. And we are so glad to be back!

It will be still Folkus, but things will necessarily be a little different. Read on for the lineup and some important details about how we’ll run the season.

NEW: Planning to give a season pass to someone this holiday season? You might like to download our greeting card template to print out as we no longer produce our printed ticket package.

2022 Folkus Lineup

Our lineup this year is a bit like a wedding: something old, something new, something delicate, and something blue. We’re bringing back the artists who couldn’t play for us in our last season, and livening up our lineup with a few new artists as well.

January 29 June 4: The Pairs & Tragedy Ann (Double Bill)

February 26: Shawna Caspi w sg Amanda Lowe Warnakulasuriya

March 26: Julian Taylor w sg Catriona Sturton

April 30: Ian Sherwood w sg Evangeline Gentle

For full details, including much more about each concert and music samples for these artists, please visit our 2022 Lineup page.

Click on this poster for the 2022 season for full details.

For anyone new to Folkus, now is a good chance to say that we’re a non-profit concert series run entirely by volunteers.


All tickets will be sold through our new ticketing partner, Tickets Please and we’re very excited about that. Season passes go on sale today, December 1st. We open sales for single tickets in January, if any remain.

Tickets will be limited to 150 per show, and everyone attending must show proof of vaccination at the door, no exceptions. If you plan to purchase a season pass for someone, remember that they will need to be fully vaccinated.

Masks will also be a factor; please don’t leave yours at home. As things stand, we will not be serving beverages at our concerts this year. This may change, but safety is a moving target during a pandemic, and new requirements may emerge at the direction of the Province of Ontario.

Stay in the loop

In advance of the first show in January, we’ll be posting detailed guidance about attendance requirements as per provincial regulations. Please make sure you come back here to check for this information. The very best way to stay in the loop is to join our mailing list (we also post updates on Facebook).

We love our sponsors

PS: Because our sponsors also took a hit during COVID, we’re extending the support they gave us to free advertising this year. Please show them some love.

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