Folkus Concert Series celebrates 20th season with digital access

February 26, 2022, Shawna Caspi w sg Amanda Lowe Warnakulasuriya at the Almonte Old Town Hall or live streamed.

Folkus brings shows to the Almonte Old Town Hall and your living room!

Folkus Concert series, a long-time stalwart of the local folk music scene, is returning to live performances. With the continued uncertainty over numbers and live concerts, Folkus has added online streaming as an option for those who want to enjoy our concerts from the comfort of their own couch. At a bargain price of $20 per show per household, it’s a great chance to make or order a nice dinner and open a bottle of something special, dim the lights, and make an evening of it.

Our concerts are still being held in the wonderfully atmospheric Ron Caron Auditorium in Almonte – but we are also setting up a professionally produced streaming option with the assistance of Wavelength Media. This will make our wonderful, intimate concerts available to a much wider audience.

Please know that this won’t be just another Zoom!

We will be sending out a top-notch musical event to a private YouTube Channel. Live ticket holders will also be present, which always gives an extra energy to the show.

Folkus will be offering streaming for all of our shows this year. The next one is February 26th; we’d love to have you join us, and listen to Shawna Caspi and Amanda Lowe W.

In a world where language is forged as rushed texts and tweets, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Shawna Caspi takes her time crafting lyrics that are poetic and meaningful, often using unusual rhymes and surprising turns of phrase. She delights in nuance and detail – the way words sound, the way they’re shaped, the way they roll around on the palate. Her songs resonate with stories that are relatable, but told in new and unexpected ways. Caspi has roots in the Ottawa area, and we are delighted to welcome her to our stage.

Caspi is a multitalented singer, fingerstyle guitar player, poet, and painter. Blessed with a warm, supple voice, and mistress of fingerstyle guitar thanks to hundreds of hours of practice, Caspi is known for her incisive, clever, song writing and warm presence on stage. Caspi – a connector of curious humans – spent years on the road playing solo shows at festivals and in concert halls, train cars, backyards, and living rooms, drawing energy from shifting landscapes and long drives through Canada and the United States. Shawna returns with her fifth album, Hurricane Coming, a collection of raw, deeply personal songs set against a backdrop of colourful cinematic soundscapes. Shawna also created a series of abstract paintings inspired by the songs on the album, seamlessly combining her work as a musician and visual artist.

Hurricane Coming feels deeply relevant at the moment. After touring her last album relentlessly, Caspi took a break to rest, reflect, and focus on songwriting. It was in those moments of stillness and solitude that she confronted her own experience of burnout, anxiety, and struggle with self-worth. In working through the shadowy parts of herself, Shawna discovered more ways to practice gratitude and appreciate little victories. This process of slowing down and looking inward resulted in her most raw, honest, and personal writing. With all of us reckoning with our own slowdowns, the songs are especially touching.

Shawna Caspi has the rare gift of presence, a warm presence that immediately invites audience engagement, from the first strum of her skilled guitar playing to the last exquisite note she sings. Shawna’s lyrics show, her music and delivery tell; her songs are beautiful stories that stay with listeners long after the CD is spun, long after the gig is over.
Andy Frank, Toronto, ON, Founding Partner, Roots Music Canada

Opening for Shawna Caspi is Amanda Lowe Warnakulasuriya. Born in Sri Lanka, raised on Prince Edward Island, and based in Ottawa, Amanda writes enchanting and heartbreaking experimental-folk music. Blending in her folk roots from both islands that raised her, she builds sentient walls of sound that help you grieve and love, making you feel both nostalgic and at home, all at once. With a voice like honey, Amanda breaks your heart open, only to make you feel whole again.


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